"Vision English Online Campus". Benefits for early bird students.

Written by Jasper

Introducing Vision English Online Campus.

Our online campus started with two concerns.

1. Is there any amazing way to maintain the English speaking skills that I have honed while studying abroad?

2. Is there any way to study abroad early without missing the time in the Corona era when it is difficult to move freely?

So, after a lot of trial and error and the hard work of many teachers, we have built an online campus curriculum that is close to the current one. Vision English Online Campus, which is still being upgraded to bring it closer to the utopia we had hoped for and hoped for.

After conducting a real-time video class with a native English teacher and a small group,

Submit your homework assignments in your own homework submission space created on the Vision English Online Campus website.

Inspection by direct correction and comments by the instructor,

Progress Access a separate site dedicated to textbooks for in-depth training and apply and review the class of the day.

As for the self-directed learning process and results of the intensive training, Cody teacher delivers step-by-step completion and final learning feedback to parents.

Through meticulous and systematic learning over a total of three stages, we gradually build up our English skills so that they do not leak.

Vision English online classes are conducted as an annual study for a total of 4 semesters a year.

Each time a term is completed, a meticulous term test by Cody teacher and a video-to-face consultation with parents are used to supplement the learning plan for the next stage and adjust the level.

If you would like to experience classes at the Vision English online campus,

Take advantage of the benefits below to wrap up 2021 and prepare for 2022 :)

Inquiries and consultations related to classes are always welcome :)

* This article has been automatically translated using Google Translate.


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