[Vision Academy] Term4 Welcome Tea Afternoon with Vision Teachers

Written by Jasper Lee

Every time Mathum starts, Vision Academy teachers have a full meeting.

Now, there are online campus teachers who live far away, so they are doing video conferencing at every meeting.

Ironically, the vacation period is much busier and faster, so the first week of the regular term right after vacation is busy with each new start, and around the second week, we have a leisurely tea time with each other with a calm mind.

Looking back on the last one

It is a time to support each other in order to build a new term well.

In particular, the T4 meeting also serves as an idea sharing meeting to look back on 2021 and prepare for next year.

By transparently sharing the specific trends of the academy, it is a very valuable time to bond and encourage each other as we belong to a 'team'.

What would be the best part of your vision? In general, teachers answered the questionnaire

I was even more happy that you mentioned 'family-like atmosphere and teamwork'.

For the beauty of Yujong in 2021, everyone is fighting~!!

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