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온라인 학습링크


VISION English
뉴질랜드 비전잉글리쉬
온라인 캠퍼스 

Online ESOL(이솔) Class

ESOL: English for Speakers of Other Language

From English preparation for “adjusting to studying abroad” in New Zealand to learning to “maintain English skills while studying abroad”, join the best instructors in New Zealand.

ESOL classes are provided by national and public schools for students whose first language is not English.

This is a regular English class for the New Zealand school system.

Vision Online Class is a New Zealand academic standard that students of my age must achieve.

Reproduce the ESOL class that makes the level of language communication and learning development as it is,

Through the Vision Academy online English class, students can improve their [conversation] skills.

You can participate in high-quality local English learning in our ESOL and Academic courses.


New Zealand's local vision academy composed of the best professional instructors

We provide systematic, high-quality classes and receive a large number of honor students every year, such as going to an international school or going to a local honors class.

are being discharged. Through the online English class of Vision Academy, you can successfully study abroad in early childhood.

Prepare to shorten the time to adapt to the local area, or even if you are not considering studying abroad, you can work with a local veteran English instructor.

Through classes, you can develop practical English skills and increase your confidence in English.


What is

English Online Campus

Comprehensive English Conversation with New Zealand native English teachers.

Precise and systematic small group instruction for online language training.
Maintaining English proficiency acquired through studying abroad.

Step-by-step education centered on varied discussions and detailed corrections.


ESOL Class
*English for Speakers of Other Languages

We offer equivalent English language classes offered by New Zealand public schools for non-native English speakers.

Academic Class

A comprehensive English class for students who speak English at an advanced level, applying critical thinking skills to various and interesting topics in society.

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of Vision Online Campus

An English conversation class focused on speaking with a local native speaker.

Live classes in small groups.

Systematic review and repetition training.

Mid-term & Final Assessments and Feedback.

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Online Classes 



This is a class in which children participate with interest by actively using animated dialogue videos, songs, and chants so that even level 1 beginners and toddlers new to English can learn step by step from the sound of the alphabet. 



​Level 2 Junior, children who have learned the alphabet and the corresponding sound values, create interesting and fun simple sentences using animation dialogue videos, songs, chants, etc. in various ways.



​​Level 3 preinterer, simple sentences are a class that helps students who can make their own sentences by using various educational materials made based on situations that can be easily encountered in real life to learn rather difficult grammar.


INTER Skills For Success

Level 4 Academic English Adopts a systematic teaching method that connects thinking>acquisition>use in order to enhance thinking, analysis, and synthesis skills through various and interesting topics across society and to improve critical thinking skills essential for future academic classes. 


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Improve English conversation and English writing skills at Vision English Online Campus!
The Vision Study Abroad/Academy with 13 years of experience is with your children
so that they can pursue their dreams in a bigger world.


Time Table


Academic English, 「Skills for Success」 학습레벨

1. 「Skills for Success」 Intro_Starter
일상생활에서 사용되는 간단한 영어표현을 이해하고 구사할수 있으며 자기 자신을 소개하고 신상정보에 대한 질문과 대답을 할수 있는 학생 

2. 「Skills for Success」 Level1_Elementary
자주 사용되거나, 직접적으로 연계되어 있는 언어를 알고, 표현을 이해하고 구사할수 있는 학생. 자신과 관련된 분야나 주변환경 등에 대한 묘사나 정보교류가 가능한 학생

3. 「Skills for Success」 Level2_Intermediate
친숙한 주제들, 예들 들어 하는 일, 학교생활, 여가활동에 대한 이야기를 분명하게 표현해주면 대화의 핵심을 파악할 수 있는 학생. 주제에 관련된 내용은 간단하게 자신의 생각을 표현할 수 있으며 희망, 목적, 의도 등을 묘사하거나 설명하고 개인적으로 관심있는 부분에 대해서는 준비 없이 대화할 수 있는 학생

4. 「Skills for Success」 Level3_Upper Intermediate
세부적이고, 추상적인 상당히 복잡한 글을 이해하고, 일부 분야에 대해서는 전문적인 토론이 가능한 학생. 원어민과 큰 불편없이 주어진 주제에 대해 즉흥적으로 유창한 대화가 가능한 학생. 
토론회나 긴 담화글, 복잡한 논제에서도 그 주제가 자신과 익숙한 것들이라면 이해가 가능하며 TV 시사프로그램이나 뉴스프로그램을 시청하며 즉각적으로 이해할 수 있는 학생

5. 「Skills for Success」 Level4/5_Expert
긴 담화의 내용을 들으며 그 문장들의 구조가 복잡하고 명확하지 않더라도 내재되어 있는 의미를 잘 이해하고 정리할 수 있는 학생. 광범위한 분야의 전문적인 문장 속에서 자신만의 정보와 의견 및 아이디어를 공유하고 사용할 수 있는 능력이 있는 학생. 사회적으로나 학업적으로 사용하고자 하는 언어를 효과적이고 유동적으로 사용할수 있는 학생

  • ESOL 수업은 주 2회 혹은 3회 매 수업 40분 기준, Academic English 수업은 주 2회 혹은 3회 매 수업 80분 기준입니다.    (주 최소 2회이상 등록을 권장합니다) 

  • 최대 1:4 수업으로 진행 되며, 수업신청 인원이 2명 이상이 되지 않는 경우는 시간이나 요일을 변경하여 수업하게 됩니다. 

  • 회당 40분 수업료는 $20입니다. (환화기준 약1회 ₩16,000 입니다, $1 NZD= ₩800) 네이버환율 기준으로 결제 부탁드립니다. 네이버환율 보기

  • 아래 링크(수강등록)을 클릭하시면 보다 많은 수업 정보를 확인하실 수 있습니다. 



Teaching English at New Zealand public schools  for over 30 years

Guidance based on teacher experience.

She is also popular with local students.

Produced many high school students

The best creative writing teacher.



Based on the background of mathematics in the United States

English intelligence to think in English and understand in English

with a high, smooth and delicate map

to build confidence in vocabulary and grammar. 



A great store of educational materials and a vivid leadership

maximize student learning motivation and learning effectiveness.

Strategically align individual learning and development processes


Our Teachers